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Like the human species, technology is constantly evolving. Despite setbacks with more or less serious consequences depending on the era, it continues to bring its share of innovations. The objective of facilitating difficult and time-consuming operations is getting closer and closer. 3D scanning is now one of the latest innovations.

3D scanning is not only about fun tools to discover 3D scanning, but also about some serious life or career related topics. 3D scanning applications for smartphones have a tight connection to engineering, medicine, marketing and so on.

In this article, we will cover the best tips and advice on how to do 3D scanning, which devices to use in 2022 and explain how they work.

What is 3D scanning?

Basically, a 3D scan is a digital representation of any person or an object: it’s a transformation of a physical object or a real person into a volumetric picture Speaking of the process of scanning, you have an object to capture using a smartphone or a tablet or any other 3D scanning device.

There are special sensors on these devices or in these 3D oriented apps that detect the shape and the most important parts and points of an object. After the data is collected, you can also change and customize your own scanned figure as you need it to look like, convert it into a 3D file and as a result you will have your perfect 3D file formed and shown on screen.

You also can edit the 3D file after conversion in any 3D modeling application and use the character or the object in VR games, as well as print it.

How a 3D scanner works

Before detailing the different operating modes of a 3D scanner, it is necessary to briefly define the nature of the 3D scanner. It is a device that reproduces a relief image of a real object. Using various sensors, it performs a large number of measurements and calculations in order to create a synthetic image of the analyzed object.

As far as the operating methods are concerned, thanks to its superior level of on-board technology, the complexity of the calculations it performs provides precision of the order of plus or minus two millimeters. A sensor, usually a camera or some other means such as a laser or X-rays, captures an image and provides the coordinates to a software. By carrying out complete and regular scans on the object to be digitized, it makes it possible to recompose the structure of the object, to produce an image that is as faithful as possible to reality.

What to do if you need to 3D scan a house?

You should keep a few things in mind if you’re thinking about 3D scanning. First of all, to have a 3D object made up, you’ll need to take many pictures from different angles.

Then you will have to choose the right app or program and upload the pictures to the program. This can be done on your computer or smartphone. Once the pictures are uploaded, the program will stitch them together to create a 3D model.

The quality of your 3D scanned object always depends on the quality of the images you take, so you will need to have some additional skills and special knowledge for that.

In this case you can entrust this work to CyberFox. We have a team of experts who are experienced in using the latest technologies and software to provide high-quality 3D modeling services. Contact us today to learn more about our 3D services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

3D room scanning with CyberFox

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Saving time

You do not need to understand the software or 3D imaging technology. Everything is available at CyberFox.

Why would you 3D scan a room?

There might be several different reasons when you will need to 3D scan a room or any other place.

Space and Apartments

If you need to have your kitchen scanned for renovation or rental of a house or a sale, a 3D scanning program can help you do it without dealing with shaky hands and inconsistency, as well as you don’t have to take care of measurements.


A 3D scanning of interiors and exteriors can also be used in video game developing, movie or cartoon making. Having some real room scanned makes the visual understanding of a game dev industry more creative.

It’s easier to bring creative ideas to the table when you have a base helping you layer more and more details on screen.


Imagining your future house is better when it’s demonstrated as if it was a realistic photo on your smartphone. None of the hand-drawn sketches can ever transmit all ideas that designers or architects really have in mind. And it’s way more comfortable for the client to see it as it will be looking like actually.

Preservation and safety

While working with 3D scanning and modeling, everything stays inside of your device. You don’t need to think about people touching it or damaging it somehow. So there is a huge advantage of working online within an app.


You wouldn’t like the idea if you needed to design and build something in real life, but at the end of the work some measurements were wrong or the result was too far from what the client was imagining it to be, and the whole work you’ve done as a designer turned into a failure.

3D scanning is an easier and faster way to show the real picture of a project and make final decisions.

What you need for 3D scanning

Let’s see the basic list of things you need to make a successful 3D scan.

  1. Familiarize yourself with how it works

To scan three-dimensional objects, you can either create a virtual prototype using specialized software or obtain a ready-to-use 3D model using a 3D scanner. This device is used in several fields, especially in the entertainment industry for movies and video games. You can, however, put something together in minutes at home without having to master computer-aided design software. All you have to do is scan your object using your scanner and the 3D printer will reproduce the object for you. There are three types of 3D scanners.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the type of contact scanner

These scanners touch the surface of the object to be scanned by being held firmly on a support.

They emit radiation, a kind of light towards the object to be scanned and use the reflection to analyze it. It is the most widespread and used scanner. It has different technologies like 3D scanner to laser technology and can be divided into three categories.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the type of white light scanner

White light scanning uses a projector to point different glowing sets at the thing to be scanned. A camera takes pictures of the object and specialized software makes it possible to locate the patterns and determine the deformations they have undergone and thus obtain 3D data of the object. It is a technology that offers a better scan time than the laser and a very high precision.

  1. Maintain your scanner

To improve its lifespan, scanning quality and proper functioning, it is essential to properly maintain your equipment. Clean your machine each time you notice dust or other foreign bodies, this will allow you to reduce the imperfections of your scan related to your object. Read the user manual carefully to prevent mishandling and above all to avoid damaging your device.

What is the best 3D scanner?

Speaking of several models of devices with different opportunities, we would like to mention the top-2 of the most popular ones.

Shining 3D EinScan-SP 3D Scanner

The Shining 3D EINSCAN-SP could interest you for many reasons and is called one of the best 3D scanners on the market. Very powerful, it offers you a great speed of digitization. Indeed, it can perform a 3D scan in just 4 seconds. With the rotating plate, you can also have a 360° result in less than a minute. In addition, it shows you all the details of your object thanks to its high resolution. Its accuracy is 0.05 mm. Professionals in reverse engineering, design and preservation of cultural heritage will have quality renderings.

This item has alignment and calibration modes. With its systems, the sharpness of the details presented is optimized.

This equipment is equipped with software that allows you to do a 3D scan with just one click. As a result, you will have no difficulty using it, regardless of the object to be scanned.

It is not easy to know where to buy the best 3D scanner. Do not hesitate to take a look at the characteristics of this Shining 3D EINSCAN-SP. It performs well in many ways.


Accuracy: With an accuracy of 0.05mm, this item shows you 3D models with more details. In addition, its high resolution guarantees quality results.

High speed: This hardware is able to scan your objects in just 4 seconds. For 360° scans, you also only have to wait a minute. The loss of time will therefore not be at the rendezvous.


Software Installation: According to user testing, software installation requires downgrading the resolution of your device.

RangeVision Smart TS12 3D Scanner

This 3D scanner is created especially for business. It is suitable for you if you are one of those professionals who want to use scanning equipment that is both efficient and robust. It remains special with its automatic turntable, which makes it even easier to use and boosts its performance. It works positively scanning your documents in no time. The device plays on a system to obey your commands and make digital versions available to you.

With a total weight of 5 kg, this equipment measures approximately 20 cm. It is one of the portable office equipment that you can lift and move with ease. It allows you to scan multiple objects in a short time. It thus saves you time. This equipment accompanies you on a daily basis to realize your dream of carrying out your daily tasks while digitizing a large number of documents, photos.

The design of this device is, moreover, the result of the marriage between several noble colors: green, white, black, gray. It therefore displays an attractive and out-of-the-ordinary aesthetic. Placed in your office, it will provide a contemporary touch throughout the room. Better yet, it will turn into a decorative object in its own right.


Efficiency: This equipment does indeed take care of its main mission. It quickly scans all your objects.

Robustness: The device is made of robust materials that are resistant to all the factors that are likely to damage it.

Performance: You can use it to scan a large volume of documents, photos, etc. very quickly.

Design: The design leaves nothing to be desired. On the contrary, it remains authentic, which makes your scanner a decorative object.


Too expensive: This model is three times more expensive, or even more, than its peers.

Very heavy: It weighs 5 kg, which may expose you to fatigue if you have to move it.

How 3D room scanning works

Here we will provide a step-by-step instruction on how to 3D scan a room. Read on.

When you have decided on the equipment, you have to do the following steps.

  1. Choosing a program or an application. Read feedback, try to understand what exactly you need in the result, because all of the applications have their own purposes and the way of operating.
  2. Setting the focus. It doesn’t matter what you do, just taking a selfie photo or preparing an object for a 3D scan, results of both actions will be greater if you don’t forget about setting the focus. Texturing, colors and other details are better to be caught by an app if you make the focus right.
  3. Panning the scanner around. After setting the calibration, you need to pan it around into every area of the space you want to capture. The scan will focus and recognize all the objects in the room as they are.
  4. Fixing and editing. It’s a hard task for any scanner to read all the data, especially if there are a lot of objects of different sizes, shapes and colors. So you probably need to be ready to make corrections and make a couple of changes.

Tips & Advice

Speaking of tips and advice on how to avoid mistakes, there are some that might be really powerful.

  1. When you are ready to 3D scan your space, don’t start with a blank surface: give the scanner some basic texture to calibrate on.
  2. Don’t forget to cover reflective surfaces, because during scanning a shiny light and reflection will interfere with the scanning lighting and it’s going to be confusing for the machine. Gloss is better to be avoided.

The bottom line

In this article we provide an overview of the advice and tips for a successful 3D room scanning available even for smartphones. Also we have covered some information about the best devices for 3D scanning.

If it’s difficult for you to make a decision about the right scanning device or the better lighting or application, Cyber-fox will make it up for you. Our professional team has made successful projects for years, so we will be honored to help you bring your personal idea to life.

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3D scanning is used for capturing real life objects or people onto the screen of your device as if it is a volumetric picture.
All you have to do for scanning a room is take several photos of it from different angles, then software aligns the images to each other. This technology allows you to turn life into a picture.
Depending on the complexity of a 3D house, as well as time consuming and professionalism of a 3D designer, it may cost from $100 up to $10000.
A 3D scanner is an extremely necessary thing if you need to have high quality pictures and especially if you are an architect or a designer and it’s work-related. When you are an amateur that wants to have their kitchen renovated, it’s more time and energy efficient to leave this work to professionals.
Yes, you can scan with your phone, or any other device that supports 3D operations.
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