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Our agency is a team of young, active visual artists. CyberFox Agency focuses on producing visual content that will help you express your concept. If you choose us, you’ll be able to witness all of your brilliant ideas brought to life quickly and professionally. We promise to comply with your request in an original and imaginative way. You’ll get the highest resolution photos at the perfect angles.

One of our best results is presented right here: the Web3D game FoxRunner. Let’s review all the key information, including our client’s primary request, the idea we came up with for development, and the outcome the client received.

The Main Request

Our client asked us to develop a demo game, and we made it to show our customers that we can do more than just configurators. This was quite an unusual project compared to our others, because our usual activity is configurators, but this is a game, .


First, we thought through the logic of the application, from the genre (arcade) to generating the world. The concept is a cubic grid: when a character crosses the cube, a road is generated in front of them with a random arrangement of objects. In this way, the game world infinitely arranges the objects and elements of the environment in a random order, without the need to manually create the world.

Then, we developed models for everything in the game and animated them, tying them to the internal logic. Our team also developed the sound design.

It took us two weeks to complete this project. Two experts worked on the game.

Methodology & Transparency

Here are the main features of this project:

  • Generative infinite map
  • Sound design
  • Worked out entirely from scratch without ready-made assets
  • Custom engine
  • Custom interface design


We created a brand-new Web3D game, which boasts the following main features: collecting points and boosting points with coins, as well as WebGL character animation. This demo was made to demonstrate our ability to create Web3D games, and fortunately, we’ve completed this case successfully.

Cyberfox can fix your issue quickly because we have probably already dealt with issues like yours. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for help – our friendly team is always ready to find the best solution for you, and bring all your creative ideas to life.

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