Svyatoslav Maltsev

Project Manager

To understand the world, feel each of its manifestations through your senses


From a very young age, Svyatoslav had a passion for everything related to computers, from playing video games to creating and editing simple parkour trick videos with his friends.Later, while working as a cafe administrator, he used readily available tools to optimize operations and reporting for convenience and efficiency. At that time, Svyatoslav never imagined that he would work in a rapidly growing international company, especially in the IT field. Nevertheless, he quickly integrated into the team, acquired a wealth of knowledge, and learned new skills.


In his leisure time, Svyatoslav is a multifaceted creative. Drawing is his primary passion, providing a canvas for his imagination, from fantastical scenes to everyday beauty.He also feeds his imagination through fantasy literature, embarking on epic journeys to mystical realms filled with mythical creatures and intricate plots.Anime and manga hold a special place in his heart, combining stunning visuals with captivating narratives across various genres.Beyond these, Svyatoslav is an avid electronic music enthusiast and DJ. Whether mixing beats or experimenting with music production, he expresses his artistic flair through electronic soundscapes.In addition to these interests, Svyatoslav is a passionate electronic music enthusiast and DJ. He skillfully mixes beats and melodies, creating electronic soundscapes that resonate with his creative spirit. Whether he's behind the turntables or experimenting with music production, electronic music is another avenue through which he expresses his artistic flair.