3D Configurator of Module Cabinet “Flexcube”

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A Few Words About Our Company

Cyberfox is a friendly team of young designers and visualizers that is full of energy to create for our clients. CyberFox Agency is an expert at producing visual assets that can help you show your ideas to others. If you choose us, you’ll be able to watch all of your brilliant ideas come to life as quickly as possible. Using our unique methods, we’ll deliver you amazing, high-res images.

The Main Request

Our client’s main request was to get a modular storage system configurator that would help the company to visualize even the most unique and complicated solutions. We created it from scratch, and included WooCommerce integration on top of everything else. Let’s have a look at the entire process of development to get a full understanding of our configurator’s features and see why it’s worth contacting us when you need a project completed.


For our closest Swiss partner, we created a modular cabinet configurator. Thanks to the configurator, customers can design a special piece of furniture that meets all of their requirements.

The client came to us from the Upwork platform. This was followed by a bidding contest, in which we triumphantly proved ourselves the best – we made a cabinet demo that wowed our client, with whom we have continued to cooperate for 2 years.

Here are the stages of development:

  • Design development;
  • Development of 3D models. This configurator has glass elements – they look very cool, and according to many 3D modelers, glass is a rather difficult material to implement;
  • Assembling the scene, the lights;
  • Working out the logic (even the different hangers in the cabinets).

Regarding logic, the first stage of the project turned out to be difficult to support the code, so we decided not to use puzzles. We sketched out the architecture and decided what classes we would have and how they would interact.

Each cell consists of a large number of models. For example, crossbars, connection elements of 1cm x 1cm x 1cm, and panels – these are all separate models and we connect them to separate cells in the code. Some internal elements also consist of two models. This is done following the business logic – in these cabinets, one element belongs to several cells at once. In our other projects, more often than not, individual cells went with a single model.

At first, we wrote the logic by which the metal frame and panels were assembled from the individual elements. We extended the logic to different configurations of the cabinet. This ended the most difficult stage.

Then, we added the change of color and internal elements – drawers, flaps, doors, and various accessories. Now, we’re working on the estimate – each part is compared to a part number and entered into the list.

Integration into the WordPress Platform

Improvements that were made after the development: we made 3 variations of this configurator, chose random colors in one of the variations of the configurator, saved and returned the configuration by the link, and translated the text for the 3 language platform interface. A sophisticated calculation system, even for the smallest elements of the selected configuration was also successfully implemented.

As a result, Cyberfox’s configurator can do a wide range of tasks:

  • First of all, it has the option of adding several kinds of flaps, doors, drawers, legs, and other accessories.
  • It offers a choice of size, height, and depth, as well as 200+ colors from the RAL palette.
  • There are 3 forms of spatial arrangement, including the following: conventional, back-to-back, and corner.

The project lasted 4 months, and 5 of our experts worked on the configurator.

Methodology & Transparency

Cyberfox’s methods have been tested over time, and every customer gets the result they’re waiting for. Below are the main features of our 3D configurators:

●     On-the-Spot 3D Modular Configuration

A configurator is a construction tool that allows the user to design their own special project. Visitors to your website don’t need to download any plugins or programs because it’s hosted online and operates straight in the browser. Place the configurator launch button directly in the essential products catalog, and your users can open the set of components they’re interested in right away and build custom goods themselves.

●     Price Determination in Real Time

Every configuration is offered with a thorough price calculation. The offer stage is specifically designed to minimize miscalculations and human error.

●     Multi-Device Compatibility

It will function flawlessly on all current browsers, whether they’re used on desktops or mobile devices. You can use the configurator even with a sluggish internet connection and outdated hardware, thanks to multi-device support.

●     Adjustment to New e-Commerce Systems

The most modern, popular e-commerce platforms can easily include a 3D configurator. Through the pricing API, users can get real-time pricing, and prepare configuration images for automatic article list compilation and cart transfer. Each element can be customized specifically for your sales.

Contact us with your project and we will ensure that your customers have a better experience when they visit your online business so you don’t lose them to a competitor.


Customers can create anything they want with no limitations. All the configurator settings can be explored with the aid of a welcome lesson.

Integration with the Woocommerce platform not only enables fast cost calculation for customers, but also considerably reduces the amount of time a salesperson must devote to manual order processing and communication.

As a result, clients can design a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that meets all of their requirements using the 3D cabinet configurator and a range of accessories.

If you’re looking for someone who can bring all of your ideas to life, just choose Cyberfox, and your 3D project will be completed on time and within budget. Get in touch with us using the contacts listed on our website – we’re here 24/7 and ready to help you!

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