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Anyone from engineers to designers and artists who work on digital technology are all welcome in our agency – Cyberfox. We offer a wide range of services, such as website building and upkeep, graphic design, and online marketing. Additionally, we’re dedicated to helping companies thrive in the changing digital environment of today.

Here’s one of our best efforts: a 3D configurator for OnCourt sports equipment. Let’s review the pertinent information together, including our client’s main request, the solution we came up with, and the outcome the client received.

The Main Request

Anyone can increase online sales engagement and drive higher-value sales with the aid of a 3D configurator. Website visitors can design the products they intend to purchase themselves. Cyberfox has developed over 100 configurators, and OnCourt is one of them.

Our client’s major desire was for us to build just such a 3D configurator. Read further to find out more about the specifics of how this sports equipment configurator was created, as well as the strategies our business employed.



A British company asked for help in finalizing their prototype configurator. We implemented the configurator in a very realistic way, down to the smallest details. It had a very good effect on the company’s profit, and then our new partners began to sell their configurators to their suppliers.

We still work with them, and plan to continue making interesting products.

In this project, the models are worked out down to the smallest detail. It’s also worth noting the light settings in the configurator, which allow the user to see the site illuminated at night and in daylight. Several sports areasare configurable: basketball court, soccer field, and tennis court.

Another distinctive feature of this project is the demonstration video about the OnCourt configurator. It consisted of two stages:

  1. A demonstration of the features and functionality of the configurator using screen recordings from the customer’s site.
  2. The introductory shots, in which we wanted to make a beautiful impression, with cinematic angles, animations of people, and, of course, demonstrations of sports areas. In the end, we made three full scenes: a basketball court, a soccer field, and tennis courts.

This video turned out to be one of the best we’ve ever done in Cyberfox.


We give you a realistic assessment of the work completion time. You always get the job right on time.


Based on your project, we will suggest how to achieve the best result. Just send the materials you have.


Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer the best solutions to show your ideas. If you have questions, just ask.


We perfectly understand when you need visualizations urgently. We work fast.


We share our expert opinion on how best to present your project because we care.

Saving time

You do not need to understand the software or 3D imaging technology. Everything is available at CyberFox.

Stages of development:

  • Design development
  • 3D model development
  • Stage and lights setup
  • Working out the logic
  • Integration into the eCommerce platform

We needed two months to accomplish this task. Five professionals contributed to the configurator.

Methodology & Transparency

What makes us unique? Every customer receives the intended result thanks to Cyberfox’s procedures, which we have fine-tuned over our years of experience. Our 3D configurators’ primary features include the following:

●     3D Modular Configuration on the Spot

A configurator is a construction tool that enables users to design their own special projects. Visitors aren’t required to download any plugins or apps because the configurator is hosted on a website and runs directly in the browser. Users are able to quickly open the collection of components they’re interested in and create custom goods from them thanks to a configurator launch button that is conveniently located within the online catalog.

●     Real-Time Price Calculation

Each setup includes a thorough cost calculation. Order and administrative errors are less frequent during the offer phase.

●     Multi-Device Support

All existing browsers, whether on desktops or mobile devices, will function seamlessly with the configurator. Thanks to the multi-device support, you can use the configurator even with a sluggish internet connection and outdated equipment.

●     Integration into Modern e-Commerce Systems

A 3D configurator can be included in the most popular modern e-Commerce systems. The pricing API allows users to get real-time pricing and create configuration images for automatic article list building and cart transfer. Each item can be customized to meet your specific sales requirements.

Contact us about your projects to guarantee that your customers have a better experience when they visit your online business so you don’t lose them to a competitor.


In the end, the OnCourt 3D configurator for sports equipment was approved by the client. Resizing, WooCommerce CMS integration, and top-notch gadget performance are just a few of its features. In short, Cyberfox’s client received a brand-new 3D configurator that provides high-quality models and textures, complex calculations, and integration with sales and payment systems.

We’re prepared to create any customized item using our extensive 3D experience. Simply tell us about your ideas, and our talented team will quickly make them a reality.

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