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Visualizing objects using computer programs allows you to imagine the future project in reality better. Such models make a deep impression and make it possible to achieve excellent results. 

3D Configurator is an excellent solution for many industrial, construction, and jewelry enterprises, especially design studios and the entertainment industry. 3D modeling, visualization, and animation of objects are central in implementing many business projects.

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  • revision of 3D scanning results.

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What is 3D software?

E-commerce is currently developing so dynamically that it is necessary, if not to be one step ahead of the competitors, then at least not to lag behind. 3D Configurator is a multifunctional solution for current and future e-commerce, and a brilliant marketing move. It is an excellent visual aid for buyers, which will show all the characteristics and options of the product in a matter of seconds, even before a potential customer goes to the store.

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to understand that this is very convenient for buyers and sellers because it saves time.

Suppose the customer clearly understands why he came to a particular store. This will significantly increase the potential seller’s confidence and substantially increase his interest in the brand itself. Current computer technologies provide a vast list of possibilities because such advertising is doomed to look beautiful and expensive.

It is worth noting that the range of applications of this marketing move is quite huge, starting from the sale of expensive goods: cars, furniture, and many structural elements for industrial or civil construction, and ending with cheaper goods, for example, sports clothing or equipment. There are practically no restrictions on the supply of goods for specialists, and these opportunities increase with each new day.

Types of product configurators

Today, technology allows you to accurately represent the shape, size, texture, and other essential features of the object to evaluate its overall appearance and ergonomics.

  • 3D Configurator
  • 2D Configurator
  • 360 view configurator

Creating a model is the first important step to making a product, but here’s the bad luck. Everyone has their own opinion on choosing a program for 3D modeling. Let’s take a closer look at the types of configurators.

360 view configurator

A 360° view configurator is a great way to demonstrate an object in a volume that requires a minimum of programming and computing capabilities of users’ hardware. Such modeling allows you to view the product from all sides in detail.

If you want to create 3D demonstrations, it is required to render models from different sides to obtain static images, and the more intermediate stages, the better the result. It takes a lot of time since generating just one embodiment of a complex model can take many hours. At the same time, it is worth considering the increased downloaded traffic, which will increase proportionally to improve the quality of the presentation. 

The situation is even worse if you need to show some changes to the object when choosing a configuration, such as changing a car’s color. Here you will have to create another package of render graphics, which will affect the traffic consumption. Therefore, configurators built on render sequences are limited in their visual diversity.

Nevertheless, the 360 view configurator, built on this technology, is very popular and is in no hurry to give up its position to its 3D counterparts.

Benefits of using 360 view configuration software

A 360 view configurator has some benefits:

  1. Using 3D visualization of the interior, the designer demonstrates to the client all his ideas. It is easier for the customer to make adjustments, make final decisions, and approve the design project.
  2. Three-dimensional graphics are more precise than any layout or drawing. They are understandable even to a layperson. The computer program transmits the shape and color of objects, the set of materials, transparency, and gloss of surfaces.
  3. The lighting is also simulated: lamps’ power and color temperature, degree of dispersion, etc. The designer can present two project versions: electric lighting and daylight.
  4. The designer operates with specific parameters, which guarantees the accuracy of calculations. Modern technologies allow you to get a photorealistic image in the shortest possible time: less than a day.

Limitations of using 360 view configuration software

A 360 view configurator has some limitations:

  1. The computer on which the 360 view configurator is being created must have powerful capabilities;
  2. It is necessary to spend a lot of time to create one model, as it needs to be worked out from all sides;
  3. It is necessary to monitor the relationship between objects constantly, as they can overlap each other.

2D configurator

A 2D configurator is a type of computer graphics. Such an image will always look flat since it uses only two dimensions: width and height. It is used to create logos, maps, websites, advertising banners, games and application interfaces, cartoons, and videos. 

Even though 2D graphics look like a flat image, you can achieve the effect of three-dimensional objects (but not photorealistic) thanks to shadows.

Benefits of using the 2D configuration software

A 2D configurator has some benefits:

  1. When zooming, the image quality does not drop. It is easier for non-professional artists to create a “high-qualityproduct. This is possible because each point of the raster image has its own coordinates.
  2. Another advantage of vector images is their low file size. Such files can be quickly sent by email, and any computer can handle editing them.
  3. The clarity in large format printing is a reason for their popularity when creating advertising banners.
  4. The designer can work with individual fragments of images. You can move and rotate lines and areas, change the color of image fragments, group objects, etc.

Limitations of using 2D configuration software

A 2D configurator has some limitations:

  1. The main disadvantage of vector graphics is the lack of realism of the image. In raster images, each pixel can be colored with a different color. In vector images, entire objects are painted over. It isn’t easy to create a realistic or very detailed image.
  2. When working with vector graphics, you cannot use filter libraries that allow you to create exciting effects for raster images.
  3. Vector images are format-specific. You can only edit them in specific software. To export to vector format, bitmap drawing is complicated and sometimes impossible.

3D view configurator

3D modeling is the basis of the modern gaming and multimedia space. Modern computer graphics has reached such a high level of development that it has become possible to depict objects so realistically that it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a real object or not. 

Volumetric models allow you to reflect the features of the subject as accurately as possible. Therefore, the calculations given to the computer based on this model will be as accurate as possible.

Whether you are creating a copy of an object or a fundamentally new item, you can also set the necessary parameters using the software.

Working with 3D models of computer graphics requires an exceptional level of knowledge and skills and filigree accuracy, so the services associated with creating such models are pretty expensive.

Benefits of using 3D configuration software

Advantages of 3D modeling:

  1. The systems allow you to model a building before creating drawings or prototypes.
  2. Precise and accurate three-dimensional visualization helps reduce energy consumption and financial costs. It also increases the speed of work on the facility’s construction, thereby saving the customer time.
  3. You can transfer models to engineering calculation systems for comprehensive analysis: functionality, strength, durability, stability, and other parameters. According to this model, mass-inertial characteristics, volume, and other important physical properties are automatically calculated.
  4. Volumetric models are also used at the stages following production. With their help, it is convenient to develop interactive technical and operational documentation, marketing materials, and presentations.
  5. A serious advantage of 3D modeling lies in the associativity inherent in this technology. If it is necessary to change the size of one part in the assembly, as the dimensions of the elements associated with it vary accordingly, you will reflect these changes in the drawings and the specifications.
  6. A significant advantage of 3D is the possibility to use a designed part or node repeatedly to create a whole family of similar objects.

Limitations of using 3D configuration software

A 3D configurator has some limitations:

  1. It is necessary to spend a lot of time to create one model, as it needs to be worked out from all sides.
  2. 3D graphics give less freedom to their author than 2D, since in the second variant, it is possible to distort various objects, their real proportions, and perspectives, but in 3D models, it won’t be easy to do this.
  3. It is necessary to monitor the relationship between objects constantly, as they can overlap each other.

Applications for 3D product configurators

3D configurators are necessary for people who are engaged in trade and have an online store, website, or mobile application. A 3D configurator on the site makes it possible to visualize products, thereby attracting and retaining clients. The result is an increase in sales and monetization. Here are some examples of how many people use 3D configurators to increase leads:

  1. Trade show exhibits: 3D configurators will help remove the need to move large exhibits at various trade shows.
  2. Touch displays: An excellent way for personal events.
  3. Online advertising: this method will help increase visitors’ interest, thereby increasing sales. 
  4. Websites: Introducing 3D configurators into websites will allow your site to be filled with high-quality product visualizations. Thus, you can successfully promote your business thanks to excellent motion design.

How 3D configuration is helping ecommerce

Today, 3D marketing is perceived as an additional trading tool, and many companies use most 3D visualization methods in a test mode, but in the next 2-3 years, it will turn from a secondary tool into one of the main ones. 

There are no technical limitations or problems with its use today. Still, there is a rigidity in consumer perceptions and archaic ideas of business owners about how it should be. But traditionalism in trade passes quickly, especially in cases where innovations promise profit growth. It’s safe to predict a change in the role of three-dimensional content and 3D marketing tools in the next 2 to 3 years.

  1. Experts believe that 3D configurators have massive potential for real estate and architecture. These technologies allow realtors to show apartments and houses digitally from anywhere.
  2. The use of 360-degree images by the Amazon and Walmart sites indicates that this is their competitive advantage, significantly affecting sales.
  3. HomeNet Automotive, which offers product configuration software for vehicle inventory management and syndication in the automotive markets, offers its customers the SnapLot 360 service. 
  4. LG noted that with the advent of 3D reviews, the traffic to their site has increased as well as the average time spent by users on product cards.
  5. Another advantage that the use of 3D reviews gives is control over small details. Three-dimensional visualization allows you to edit minor information in seconds. It looks realistic.
  6. A study of home appliance websites shows that thanks to 3D configurators, sales increased by an average of 7%. At the same time, the best indicators were demonstrated by goods in above-average price segments.

Checklist for choosing the best 3D product configurator

Here is a list of what you should pay attention to when choosing the best 3D product configuration tool:

Zoom & Rotate

It is essential to pay attention to this point. It will allow you to view the product from all sides. Visitors to the site should see the 3D effect in all its details.

Lots of options

A large selection of options will allow users to choose the material, shape, and shade of the product. The more options there are, the longer it will be possible to keep the user on the site.

Stable operation of the 3D Configurator

You will have to take care of the stable display of the 3D Configurator without delays. 

3D Model Library

Your 3D product should have its own library of features. This will allow you to display your company’s new products.

No coding required

You can do without the help of programmers to maintain the display of the 3D configurator.


Your product should be able to correctly set prices when choosing expensive and cheap materials for the product.

Save Changes

Your users should be able to save changes when specific parameters are selected. 


It is known that marketing and production are the two most essential components of achieving the success of almost any product or idea. The marketing department depends on the production department because it has to wait for prototypes. Editing and modifying them can sometimes take weeks. 

With 3D reviews in advertising and marketing, you can eliminate the dependency between the two departments and, consequently, increase efficiency and productivity.

According to MarketsandMarkets, in the United States, by 2025, the augmented reality market will grow, according to the most conservative estimates, to $77 billion, and the virtual reality market to almost $21 billion.

Virtual reality is becoming a new way of creating content and storytelling. This direction will grow by leaps and bounds.

The pandemic has become a powerful impetus for the development of e-commerce: people have become less likely to go to offline stores, preferring shopping online. As a result, competition in this area is also growing. Online retailers need to surprise their customers somehow, to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Research shows that virtual and augmented reality technologies help achieve higher user engagement and increase the indicators of “memorization.” It would be strange to ignore such a powerful resource and not invest in its development.

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It is an interactive add-on on a website that allows your customers to change a product's appearance and customize it as desired. A 3D configurator shows a realistic product model online.
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The cost of configurator development depends on the complexity of the product. On average, prices start at around $15,000.
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