3D Presentation “Technometal”


About Us

Our agency – Cyberfox – is a friendly team of developers, designers, and artists that focuses on digital technologies. We offer a wide range of services, such as graphic design, online marketing, and building and maintaining websites. We’re dedicated to helping companies succeed in today’s dynamic digital environment.

The Main Request

Our client’s main request was to receive a 3D model of a tanker truck that would help people to see all the key details they needed – and we completed the project successfully! Let’s have a look at the process of development and the methods we use to leave our customers satisfied.


Internet marketing is developing at an incredible speed. Nowadays, you don’t have to go anywhere to buy an exclusive product – just go to the distributor’s website. However, it isn’t so easy to decide on an online purchase, and many companies understand this. They gain customers’ trust with the help of 3D visualizations.

Our new project was developed for a company that sells fittings from a well-known brand. The customer decided to place an interactive 3D model of a tanker truck with animation on their website in order to help visitors get a unique product.

The client needed to add a 3D presentation of their product to the main page – and Cyberfox has done it successfully! We were able to display the design and construction of the client’s product in great detail. Even the smallest detail of the presentation looks very realistic and corresponds to realistic visual characteristics. In addition, the presentation turned out to be very well-optimized for different platforms and devices.

Here are the main stages of development:

  • Development of 3D models,
  • Assembly of the scene, lights,
  • Working out the configurator logic,
  • Putting the presentation directly on the client’s site.

As a result, users can view the tanker from all angles, and even use animation to separate the parts that are in the seller’s catalog and get a closer look at them. Photorealistic 3D models allow them to view even minor details. Plus, even though the interactive 3D animation is located on the main page of the site, it doesn’t affect its loading time.

Methodology & Transparency

Delivering presentations in 3D is what a 3D presentation is all about. The use of stunning 3D graphics and visuals sets it apart from presentations made traditionally.

The audience is consistently captivated beyond comprehension by 3D displays. A 3D presentation can be delivered either through augmented reality, in which case 3D characters seamlessly interact with the real world, or through virtual reality, in which case the audience is transported into the virtual environment and given access to experiences that aren’t possible in the real world.

How good a 3D presentation turns out is dependent on the type of technology used in its development. That’s why we create 3D presentations for our clients using the most cutting-edge technology.

In order to ensure that your customers have a better experience when they visit your online store so you don’t lose them to a competitor, the best solution is to contact Cyberfox with your projects – our methods and techniques have been tested over time.


In addition to viewing the tanker from every angle, buyers can utilize animations to separate the parts from the seller’s catalog and get a better look at them. They can see even the smallest details thanks to photorealistic 3D representations. Notably, the site’s main page features an interactive 3D animation that doesn’t slow down the page loading time.

If you’re looking for the best 3D solutions, you’ve come to the right place – Cyberfox is always ready to bring all of your ideas to life and support you during the whole process. Get in touch with us right now using the contacts listed on our website, and have your project completed in no time!