Yulia Mosenzova

Project manager

I want to know every detail in detail


Yulia's career journey started as a junior project/event manager at the university where she was a student. She was invited to work in a small office that was busy improving the university environment. She learned the basics of being a project manager from the team and after that got into CyberFox where she works and learns to this day. Yulia believes that the job of project manager matches her personality just perfectly: "risk management is sort of my natural state of mind. I understand people well, am a rational thinker, very self-reflective - flexible project methodologies fascinate me. I also enjoy creative tasks - well-developed abstract thinking and a good eye for the visual arts come in handy."


Sports have recently become a very important part of her life: she tries to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, jogging, swimming, or stretching during quick a break. Twice a week she plays beach volleyball. "My friends had been inviting me to play volleyball with them for a long time and I definitely should have listened to them earlier - no sport has ever brought me so much joy. It's a very social activity too - on average, per 2 hours I give my teammates 150 high-fives!" Drawing b-day postcards for friends, exploring herself via different psychotherapy approaches, birdwatching - a couple more of Yulia's hobbies