Karina Pogosyan

3D Generalist

If I had 24 hours left to live, 23 hours I would make 3D models. And the last hour was satisfied with the work done


Karina is a graphic and communication designer by training. After graduating, she worked in that field for about a year, first at an advertising agency, then at a printing office. During that time she realized that this was not the profession in which she wanted to be working anymore, and restarted her career as a 3D generalist. Already having basic 3D modeling skills from the university, she started a course on interior visualization and later went into 3D modeling completely. That's how she joined the CyberFox team. "We as a friendly team can quickly end smoothly find a way out of any difficulties; the projects interesting are diverse, so there is always a place to grow as a professional"


In her spare time, she likes drawing, which gives her a good eye for proportions which is quite helpful in 3D. While playing video games, she pays attention to the evolution of computer graphics and picks new modeling approaches. She ends her day by reading a good book or watching a series, so she can relax and feel fresh and ready to conquer a new day.