Max Black

Lead 3D Generalist

There are 3 answers to your work in design - yes, no, and WOW! And the third one is that we strive for


Maks has been in 3D development since 2019. Being an irreplaceable member of the CyberFox Team, Maks has worked in two roles: 3D Generalist and 3D Lead. At the moment, Maks is engaged in developing 3D hard-surface models, 3D organics, facial animation, animation of people, level design, 3D configurators, video production in 3D and 2D, and much more.


Maks first started to engage in activities remotely similar to what he's doing now in 2010. He was creating various videos, mostly simple intros, in Vegas Pro and After Effects, just as a hobby. He was spending all his free time at the computer, studying video editing programs, but he only came to 3D when he realized that all he had learned was not enough. Little by little, he started studying Cinema 4D by creating simple video scenes. At the time, he was not earning anything from it; he was doing it solely for himself, but thanks to the support of family and friends and after a long time, he came to the point where he started developing 3D models not only for video production but for many other areas. "To this day, my hobby is my job."