Julia Oskolskaya

3D Generalist

Imagination rules the world


The journey of becoming a 3D artist for Julia was long and quite odd. She studied hospitality management and changed lots of jobs before once she had a chance to observe the process of game development. She got so inspired and, most importantly, motivated to become a 3D artist herself, so she started learning. Julia's first test project in the CyberFox team got to be tough for her - at that time, she had experience only in 3D modeling, but now she also had to texture and rig the models. That was a challenge, but as you can get, this is a story with a happy end! "Now, working as a 3D Generalist, I love that I am literally creating new worlds or at least amazing little parts of them"


She ironically notes that in her spare time, she uses her computer to distract from working on the computer. "I play video games or watch series, a lot of series, actually. But after all, I think that games and series help me gain a lot of versatile visual experiences which is useful in my work"