What is Extrude?

Extrude is a 3D modeling technique that allows for the creation of objects with depth and dimension. This technique can be used to create both simple and complex shapes, which can then be rendered in 3D for visualizations or simulations.

Extruding involves the use of computer-aided design (CAD) software to specify the shape of an object. Once the shape is specified, it can then be “extruded” into a three-dimensional form. The extrusion process can be performed automatically or manually, depending on the complexity of the desired object.

Extrusion can be used to create objects of any size, from small products to large buildings. Common examples of extruded objects include pipes, tubing, rods, and beams. However, extrusion can also be used to create more complex shapes, such as those found in nature (e.g., trees and leaves).