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The Main Request

Our client and closest partner from the UK, Made in Ply, asked us to develop a 3D configurator that would allow users to easily bring their ideas to life themselves. We meet all the challenges we face, and this case was no exception. Let’s have a look at the process of development to understand how we completed it successfully, as well as at the features that are worth your special attention.


The main goal was to provide the furniture maker with Cyberfox’s custom parametric configurator. There, the user needed to be able to make all the changes connected with the table’s height, width, and depth, as well as its colors and textures. Additionally, it needed to be possible to create holes for wires of various sizes and placements.​

The 3D configurator, which can be found on the product card, had to enable the customer to quickly configure a unique product and view its price as well. In this way, the consumer would have the option to zoom in or out and view the product from various viewpoints.

This style of product delivery increases customer confidence and boosts the conversion rate.

Here are the stages of development:

  • Design development,
  • Development of 3D models,
  • Assembling the scene, lights,
  • Working out the configurator logic,
  • Integration with eCommerce platforms or implementation of the configurator directly on the client’s site.

We were asked for help by a client from the UK who had a site for ordering tables with different specific requirements – for example, holes for cables in specific places, height, width and depth, and other different parameters. In this regard, it was necessary to optimize the change of configurations on the site, because the process of changing the pictures was very time-consuming. We set to work and then, we developed and connected the project to the Shopify platform.

The client’s sales with the test line of tables, which we developed as a configurator, increased 4 times after implementing our configurator on the site. Then, we made about 50 similar configurators.

After that, we continued to work with the client and made a couple of global configurators in which the client can customize and edit the information contained, depending on the product.

For our client, there was a very good profit from the implementation of the configurator, which allowed the firm to grow into quite a solid company. We have been working with the client for 3 years and still do so.


Methodology & Transparency

The project’s most appealing feature is that after creating the ideal table, the user can send a link to others, who will then be able to view the same table.

Since 3D configurators can connect your online stores to the key elements of your company, including tracking systems like CRM, they improve the customer experience. This guarantees that every interaction a user has with your product is precisely recorded, ensuring that nothing is lost.

When developing 3D configurators, every step of the process needs to be carried out carefully. Depending on how intricate the configurators are, different levels of skill are required.

Thus, it’s a good idea to contact Cyberfox with your projects to ensure that your clients have a better experience when they visit your online store and that you don’t lose them to a rival.


As a result, Made in Ply got a high-quality 3D configurator that allows its customers to create their dream furniture. Cyberfox fully designed over 50 different configurators for a variety of furniture goods, and made Shopify the framework for integrating them. If you’re looking for someone who can implement all of your ideas, your choice is obvious – just contact us using the contacts listed on our website, and we’ll be happy to help you anytime.

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