CMS Integration with 3D Configurator

Irene Rishe
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Lead UX/UI Designer Cyberfox

The majority of companies use CMS systems (Content Management Systems) to sell their products. These are systems such as WordPress, Wix and Shopify. Each platform offers slightly different functionalities such as singular e-commerce use, blog writing, website design and so forth. However, many smaller businesses may not need a powerhouse CMS system. Yet, we are able to integrate a 3D configurator to all websites no matter how great or small.

Why integrate a configurator into a website?

A 3D configurator is a great solution if your business sells a range of products that has several variable aspects. Variability means that the client has the opportunity to choose a combination of colors and elements that they’d like to add, assemble or change on a particular product, making it unique to themselves. Many industries can benefit from installing a configurator, all the way from jewellery creators to car manufactures.

Companies that specialize in only one product often showcase their products through an informative website rather than having an actual online store. However, in cases such as this, there are additional benefits of having multiple add-ons to increase the product personalisation. A 3D configurator can help expand a customer’s awareness for product customisation and therefore increases brand salience.  

Wondering how a 3D configurator is integrated into your website?

We offer three different ways to integrate a 3D configurator onto a website:

  • Via an IFrame. You will receive a link from us, this is where you can easily integrate the configurator onto your website via code.
  • Integration with JavaScript, which is an interactive element. In this case, the configurator is inserted after the page has been built.
  • Integration with your CMS system.

I’m wondering how much does it cost to integrate a configurator onto my website?

The cost will vary depending on the complexity of the 3D configurator. Another key element of the final cost is the need to integrate the configurator with payment systems such as PayPal, Bank Accounts and so on.

Before we get started on any project, we will first analyse your business needs. Then we will present a business solution and an initial concept. You’ll be able to discuss all of this internally with our expert team who will provide you with in-depth options best suited to your objectives.

We pride ourselves on having the utmost transparency when it comes to cost. We will break down each individual cost, which may include regular expenses, as well as an additional expense that may be incurred. However, very occasionally do additional costs develop, as binding on the backend of a website almost always runs smoothly.

If you’re looking to integrate a 3D configurator with your CMS system but unsure where to start – contact our team here and we’ll be able to discuss a full breakdown of all integrations available for your business.  


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