How to Optimize Business Process With 3D Experience

Stefan Vaskevich
author article
CEO & Founder Cyberfox


In the modern world, there are vast amounts of information available for different products. For businesses, being able to provide key properties of product quality, managing efficient supply chains and delivering overall service value is essential to retaining and attracting clients.

What is a 3D Configurator?

A 3D configurator is an innovative design tool that allows consumers to easily configure their own unique products, based on available configuration options such as colour, material, print, text, images, textures, in real-time on any device.

Advantages of implementing a 3D configurator

The main advantages of the 3D configurator over standard human-assisted processes are:

  • Reduced responsibility

Companies with a linear organizational structure will generally refuse to divide work into smaller task allotments, where individual employees may then have to complete multiple tasks at once. As an example, a manager may try to build a workflow, but a large number of responsibilities for employees will arise, which complicates the process even further.

 When using a 3D configurator, the simplicity and consistency of business processes are maintained, instead of setting multiple tasks for different individual staff members, the 3D configurator completely eliminates the added participation of employees in the B2C process, further increasing business efficiencies.

 A 3D configurator will also optimise the transfer of tasks and reduce the costs of managing processes, which results in fewer errors and delays.

  • Reduced control and approvals

Users can configure different products with a preview and get ready-made samples with the price already calculated. Based on this, the buyer can decide whether they are satisfied with the calculated price, without additional discussion with management.

  • Openness

A 3D configurator provides full transparency throughout multiple configuration options available, along with offering an exact calculation for the buyer. Throughout this process the buyer can determine the exact outlines needed for the product, there is no need for you to agree or negotiate further details required by the buyer.


Implementing a 3D configurator will help you optimise your eCommerce platform, increase business efficiencies and reduce costs. Don’t spend hours discussing details with managers or spending hours waiting for calculation, a 3D configurator will help you do it all in real-time.



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