3D Configurator of the “Bookcase (Demo)”


A Few Words About Cyberfox

Cyberfox is a facility that produces goods in large quantities. We strive for efficiency and quickness when completing jobs. Our staff members execute plans while looking for novel and creative solutions. Any 3D interior, house, design, or other project requiring 3D modeling or visualization is completed utilizing contemporary standards and criteria, thanks to our extensive training in new technology.

Here’s one of our best efforts: a demo 3D configurator for bookcases. Let’s go over the essential details, including our client’s main request, the development idea we came up with, and the result the client received.

The Main Request

Using 3D configurator, anyone can boost online sales engagement and promote higher-value sales. Visitors to websites can assemble the products they want to buy on their own. This 3D bookcase configurator is one of more than 100 configurators created by Cyberfox.

The main request from our client was to create this bookcase configurator. In the sections below, you can find out all the key details of how it was made, as well as the methods our company used.



Before we developed this configurator, the furniture field began to develop at a wild pace, and we decided to make a demo configurator to show customers what we can do. It helped us to get a lot of orders for developing configurators in the furniture field.

Here are the main features to note:

  • Extensive customization of objects in the 3D scene
  • Correspondence of sizes to real objects
  • The ability to apply texturing for any material


We give you a realistic assessment of the work completion time. You always get the job right on time.


Based on your project, we will suggest how to achieve the best result. Just send the materials you have.


Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer the best solutions to show your ideas. If you have questions, just ask.


We perfectly understand when you need visualizations urgently. We work fast.


We share our expert opinion on how best to present your project because we care.

Saving time

You do not need to understand the software or 3D imaging technology. Everything is available at CyberFox.

Stages of development:

  • Design development
  • 3D model development
  • Assembling the scene, lighting
  • Working out the logic
  • Integration into the eCommerce platform

It took us two weeks to complete this project. Three experts worked on the configurator.

Methodology & Transparency

The development of 3D configurators requires careful attention to every detail. The level of skill needed is determined by the complexity of the configurators that need to be constructed.

With the aid of a 3D configurator, complex objects can be completely disassembled into a mesh that serves as a sketch of the 3D design. The model can also include any viewpoint, or information that a customer may need.

Contacting Cyberfox with your projects is the greatest option to guarantee that your consumers have a better experience when they visit your online store so you don’t lose them to competitors. Our methods and approaches are tried and true.


We successfully completed our demo 3D bookshelf configurator. A few of the available options are default types, changing colors and materials, and parametric model adjustment (width + height). In addition, the parameterization option allows you to select the furniture according to the size of the interior. Cyberfox now has access to a brand-new 3D configurator with top-notch models and textures to showcase on our website.

Our considerable 3D knowledge allows us to build any bespoke project, and we take pride in having the ability to solve any of your problems fast and easy. Simply let us know what you have in mind, and our creative staff will work hard to bring it to life.

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