3D Configurator for The Interior of The Limousine

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About Our Company

Cyberfox runs a large-scale manufacturing business. We strive for efficiency and quick turnover when working on assignments. When carrying out projects, the experts in our organization look for original and innovative solutions. It takes extensive knowledge and training in new technologies to execute any 3D interior, house, design, or other 3D modeling or visualization project utilizing contemporary standards and criteria.

One of our best projects involved creating a 3D configurator for the interior of a limousine for a client in Seoul, Korea. Let’s go over the essential details, including the key request from our client, the development ideas we came up with, and the results the client received.

The Main Request

By using a 3D configurator, anyone can boost online sales engagement and promote higher-value transactions. Customers can go to the company’s website and independently assemble the products they want to buy. The 3D configurator for limousine interiors is one of the roughly 100 configurators that Cyberfox has created.

Our client’s key request was to create the 3D configurator for the limousine interiors we mentioned above. You can learn more in the sections below about the intricacies of how the configurator was developed, as well as the methods our company used.


We were approached by a Korean company that produces custom interiors for luxury cars. We developed a configurator for them, the main feature of which is displaying design details in a limited space (car interior).

This project was one of the first configurators for car interiors in the world. It’s also worth noting the great realism of objects in the 3D scene.

Stages of development:

  • Design development
  • 3D model development
  • Scene assembly and lighting
  • Working out the logic
  • Integration into the eCommerce platform

We needed 65 days to complete this task successfully. Three professionals worked on the configurator.

Methodology & Transparency

What sets us apart? Cyberfox’s methods have been refined over time to ensure that every customer gets the desired outcome. Here are some of the main characteristics of our 3D configurators:

●     3D Modular Configuration on the Spot

A configurator is a construction tool that allows users to create their custom projects. Because a website is hosted online and operates solely in the browser, visitors are not forced to download any plugins or apps. A configurator launch button can be easily situated within the product catalog, allowing users to rapidly view the collection of components they are interested in and construct unique items from them.

●     Real-Time Price Calculation

Each arrangement comes with an extensive pricing analysis. During the offer phase, there are fewer operational and administrative errors.

●     Multi-Device Support

A 3D configurator will work on any currently used browser, whether on a desktop computer or a mobile device, without any issues. Thanks to the multi-device support, you can utilize the configurator even with a slow internet connection and obsolete hardware.

●     Integration into Modern e-Commerce Systems

The most popular modern e-Commerce platforms can easily accommodate a 3D configurator. Users can construct configuration images for automatic item list creation and cart transfer using the price API, as well as acquire real-time pricing. Each product can be altered to fit your unique sales needs.

Contact us about your projects to ensure that your clients have a better experience when they visit your online business so you don’t lose them to a rival.


The 3D configurator for limousine interiors was developed successfully. Just a few of its remarkable options include taking a screenshot and changing seat pattern & color. Also, it increased engagement and final basket value. In short, Cyberfox’s customer obtained a brand-new 3D configurator that offers premium models and textures, complex calculations, and interaction with sales and payment systems.

We’re glad to solve any of your problems fast and easily, and we’re equipped to produce any customized item using our substantial 3D knowledge. Just let us know what you have in mind, and our creative staff will work hard to make it happen in real life.

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