Alyona Manukhova

3D Generalist

I've spent most of my life gaining and learning about art, and now I'm here to create it


Throughout her life, Alyona has been doing art, from the time she was 6 she has been constantly attending different art classes. At 12 y.o. she got her first graphic tablet and started an art blog. When she was 16, she entered an Art College. She always knew she wanted to be an artist. She wanted to start her career as a traditional artist or illustrator, but over time she got an art block. That was a turning point when she tried 3D and felt inspired again. Alyona is a first-class 3D generalist, with great passion and dedication to her profession, but her main power is the hand-paint texturing style. She's a perfectionist and sometimes feels a lot of pressure being under her high standards, but on the other side, through it, she can be proud of her art, as she knows she always does the best she can.

Her Portfolio


Alyona can not imagine her life without sport. She primarily cycles and goes to the gym. Sport empowers her, it's her main source of energy.