What is glTF?

glTF is a key component in many web-based and native applications that utilize 3D graphics. The format enables these applications to load, process, and render 3D content quickly and efficiently. Many visualization applications also support exporting to glTF, making it easy to transfer 3D content between different software platforms and workflows.

There are many benefits to using glTF in 3D visualization applications:

  • glTF minimizes file size, making it ideal for web-based applications where bandwidth is limited.
  • glTF enables efficient loading and processing of 3D content, which is critical for real-time applications such as virtual reality and gaming.
  • The format is designed to be extensible, allowing software vendors to add their own custom features and extensions.
  • glTF is an open standard, ensuring that any application that supports the format can interoperate with other software that also supports glTF.