Web 3D
Basic Course

10 full lessons
Contains all materials
7 hours
10 minutes
Contains course designs


The basic course on Web 3D is your first step towards learning WebGL technology, realtime 3D graphics and placing projects on web resources. You will learn how to place real three-dimensional models directly on the site and be able to rotate, zoom, run animations, change colors and textures.

We will get acquainted with a surprisingly functional tool - Verge3D, which makes the whole process of transferring projects to the web much easier. Add logic and interactivity to our 3D projects using the Puzzles tool, which allows you to make amazingly functional applications without using programming.

Minimum requirements:

We tried as much as possible and in a clear language to present all the information that would be understandable even to those who have never worked with 3D graphics.

If you already have a certain competence in the field of 3D modeling or working with game engines, this will definitely be a plus.

Advanced Web 3D Course


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