STL models

You can share with us any photograph, drawing or sketch to produce polygonal 3D models of any complexity, ready for 3D printing or CNC. Models are made in the STL format.
Here is the portfolio of previous work. Have a look at them. You can also see the photos, sketches, and screenshots sent to us by customers and the models created from them by our team. Our 3D models can be used in any application for CNC processing.
To order a 3D model, you have to send us drawings or photos via our e-mail or Whatsapp/Viber. We will get back to you within a 24 hours with estimated cost and time period.

Conditions for new customers:


Prepayment 50% in any way convenient to you. We will start working immediately after the payment is received.


When the model is ready, we will send you pictures or demo of it. Adjustments can be done, if necessary.


You pay the rest of the price before we send you an archive with the complete 3D model, to your e-mail or in another way you choose.

For Rendering we use:





And others

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