3D configurator of products

This innovative sales tool lets user to configure their product to their preferences like color, material and parts of any product in real time on any device. A 3D configurator brings interaction and makes your product more attractive and therefore desirable. Instead of the usual appeals "Look what we have" and "Here is our product selection" we let clients configure products as they like and see them in a new 3D format with 360-degree view rotation. You can even suggest "trying on" a configured product with different interiors, even with augmented reality (AR) features.

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The main advantages of a
3D configurator

The main advantages of a
3D configurator

Pick colors and materials

Fine-tune any product parts that allow options: textures, materials, colors, intuitively and simply.

Select parts

A clear and obvious user interface makes it simple to add and remove parts of a product or accessories, which makes different configurations possible.


Tooltips can be put directly on a 3D model to attract attention to impotant elements of a product or give a helpful suggestion.

Upload photos and logos

Any pictures you upload can be put directly on the product's model.

Rotate, zoom and navigate

We use real 3D models that you can spin and examine directly in the browser.

Options and cost

Configurations and changes of price can be shown in real time. Any functions can be modified.

Applications and examples
of 3D configurators.


Clothing Every type of fabric with all sorts of textures and patterns can be used in the configurator. You can also add the option to try clothing on a model.

Motorcycles and cars

Different parts of vehicles can be configured with all kinds of materials, accessories and options to include.


Furniture Furniture from your interior decorator's catalogue can be set against a house background for a look. Furniture itself can be configured, too!

Footwear and accessories

Footwear configurators get excellent customer feedback. You can swap colors, materials, fabrics of various components.

Watches and jewelry

Such delicate parts as watch hands, timers and many other details can also be configured.

Industrial machinery

Configurators have been used fairly successfully to showcase machinery made to order, because it can be configured and seen before the purchase.

Real estate

Configurators of cottages and town houses are very popular. Let customer try different materials for walls, facades etc.

Custom orders

Perhaps you make a product with many variable elements but cannot display them all? Now you can.

Your imagination

The WebGL technology will make all your dreams come true. through us.

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